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Your Guide to Unified Tax Credit

First, let us understand what unified tax credit is. Unified tax credit refers to something that combines two tax exemptions into one. This is most beneficial for businesses looking to pass on their companies and their assets to their heirs.

Simply put, this refers to something that lays down the ground rules for what value of assets one can pass down to whoever they want to pass their business down to without having to spend plenty on transfers, gifts or any other form of taxes that would otherwise be imposed on them.

This is a credit that is available to holders of all sizes of taxes. Moreover, these unified tax credits are in an exceptionally large amount such that anyone can avail of the benefits of such credits on any of their lifetime gifts or inheritances from deaths.

Thus, this can be extremely helpful for those who are looking to plan an exit strategy for their business. A unified tax credit is great because it provides great relief for those people who are concerned about leaving tax burdens behind for their loved ones.

How does it work?

First of all, the value of all the assets currently in your possession at the time of passing them down to your future heir is calculated. This is done to calculate the fair amount of unfiled tax returns that you deserve.

Now, here, the term assets do not only refer to your belongings, it also refers to everything you hold a financial stake or share in.

Then, any other liabilities such as mortgages or lifetime gifts are deducted from this value. The remaining value is the taxable estate.

Although such credits are a huge benefit for sorting things out at the time of one’s demise, these can also be availed while one is alive. This is done by passing on assets as gifts.


The bottom line is that whether you are choosing to give a gift out of your assets or pass down your assets at the time of your death, unified tax credits are beneficial in both cases as these help you to avoid unwanted and additional taxes that can become quite a burden.

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